touchScore Baseball

baseball Scoring for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


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What is touchScore?

touchScore Baseball Scorecard is a full featured baseball scorecard for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. touchScore takes full advantage of the iPad interface while keeping the iPhone experience streamlined and easy to use.

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You can score the game when at the ballpark. Don't buy a scorecard, just bring along your your your your your your iPhone. If you're at home watching your favorite team, why not score along with the announcers? You can even use it to score your kid's little league game or track your office's softball team! touchScore will collect all the game stats automatically while you score.

What can you do with touchScore?

Easily score a game by tapping on bases and fielding positions to track play by play action. Touchscore will auto generate player statistics as well as a scoreboard and boxscore.

Score Hits

To Score a Hit in the Fielding Screen tap the Hit Button:


Score Runs and RBIs

  1. 1.Tap the other button, a dialog will appear.

  2. 2.Tap the Runs button.

  3. 3.Tap the Plus button. You’ll be prompted to select the player who scored a run. Select the player and that player will be credited with a run scored. The at Bat player will be credited with an RBI.

Score Outs

You can score normal outs, fielders choices, double plays and strikeouts.

This example the user tapped the Out button. To score a fielders choice tap the FC button, or tap the DP button to score a double play.

TouchScore auto builds the out sequence as you tap on positions. For example, if the batter grounded out to the shortstop you’d tap Out, then tap the SS button and the First Base button. On the screen you’ll see
Out: 6 -3.
The Shortstop will be credited with an assist and the First baseman will be credited with the putout.

Score Other Actions

Tap the other button to get the Other Scoring Dialog.

From the Other Dialog you may select all the other items that may need to be logged in a game.

Track Pitch Count.

To Track pitch count tap the P.Ct button to bring up the Pitch Count dialog

When done with the pitch count screen in the iPad simply tap anywhere outside the pitch count window. In the iPhone you’ll see an OK button. That that button to close the Pitch Count window.

Correct scoring mistakes

If you wish to undo a scoring action simply tap the Undo button. If you later realize you made some mistake you can always edit a player’s statistics to correct that mistake.

Manager the Lineups

TouchScore starts out with a generic lineup for both the Away and Home teams. You can quickly edit those lineups. To view your lineups, in the iPhone tap the Lineup tab, or in the iPad tap the Lineup button in portrait mode or turn the iPad into landscape mode and the lineup will auto appear.

Editing Lineups

TouchScore starts out with a default lineup for both the Home and Away teams. You can edit the lineups for each game.

To Edit a lineup:

  1. 1.Tap the Lineup Tab

  2. 2.Select the team you wish to edit.

  3. 3.Tap the Edit Button. The lineup table will switch into Edit Mode. From that point you can edit the player's name, number, fielding position and order in the lineup.

Editing a Player's Name or Number

To Edit a player's name or number tap inside their name or number text box. The keyboard will display. Simply type in a new value and tap the Return button.

Picking players from a roster

If you selected a team you’ll see a Roster button when editing a lineup. Simply tap that button and the roster for that team will appear.

All you need to do is select the player from the player picker and tap OK.

Changing Fielding Position

Tap the button which lists their currently assigned Fielding Position.

Use the Fielding Position Picker to change their position then tap the OK button. Their Fielding Position button will then change to the newly assigned position.

Reordering the Lineup.

In order to setup the lineup quickly you may wish to reorder players. When editing the lineup simply touch and hold on to the Cell Sorting control in the for the player and drag the cell to the new batting order location.

Remember to tap the Done button when you're ready to save your changes.

Substituting a Player

During the course of a game you may need to make substitutions.  Simply change the Player's name and number then tap the Sub button.

Note that the button will then contain a checkmark. When you tap the Done button the new information you entered will be added as a substitute of the player in the same lineup slot.

Using Rosters
You can use a Major League roster to update a lineup. TouchScore comes pre-loaded with all Major League team rosters. To use a roster you tap the Pick Teams button from the main Lineup screen:

Import your own rosters
touchScore allows you to import your own rosters.  Any rosters you import will appear in the Pick Teams  screen team picker control. The name of the team that appears is based on the name of the roster you create.

Your first step is to compose the roster. The roster document must be a text file with an extension of 'roster'. Use Notepad or any other text editor when composing your roster. If you use a word processor, make sure to save it as a plain text file.

The format of the roster is very important. Each player must be on it's own line. Enter the player's name and number separated by a comma.  The following is an example of the format necessary to create a custom roster:

Babe Ruth, 3

Willy Mays, 24

Pete Rose, 14

If you save the file as 'Old Timers.roster' it will appear in the Team Picker with the name Old Timers.

The next step is to import the roster into touchScore using ITunes.

To Import a roster do the following:

  1. 1.Plug your device into your computer

  2. 2.Open ITunes.

  3. 3.In ITunes click on your device.

  4. 4.Click the Apps Tab and scroll down to the "File Sharing" section.

  5. 5.Tap the touchScore icon

  6. 6.Click the Add button. A file dialog will open, from there locate and select the Roster file.

View and manage the boxscores

TouchScore automatically generates a boxscore for the game as you score the game. To view the boxscore, in the iPhone tap the Boxscore tab or in the iPad tap the Boxscore button.

Updating the scoreboard

From time to time you may need to update the scoreboard or the state of the game. For example, if you get to the game late you’ll have to set the inning, outs and who’s at bat. When in the Boxscore screen simply tap the Edit button.

Make the appropriate change and tap the Save button.

View and Export Play By Play

TouchScore keeps a running list of each play that you scored. The list is grouped by inning half in the order that you logged the action.

To export the Play by Play list simply tap either the Export to Email or Export to Itunes button

View, Edit and Export Player statistics

When in the Lineup screen tap a player. Their statistics for the game will display. To edit those statistics tap the Edit button. You’ll see:

Simply tap the Plus or minus button next to a statistic to adjust it’s value. Tap done with complete.